LegionLegion is the bassilicious collaboration of two of Boise’s finest bass heads, Hive Mind(Keegan Stark) and Final Frequency(James Williams). The duo started their quest in 2010 to seek emotional and intellectual fulfillment through electronic music and finding their own methodology in mixing music. Over the course of the years their style and influences have continued to evolve into what is now a complex fusion between multiple genres of deliciously, intelligent bass music.

Legion has had the pleasure of playing alongside with Love and Light, RUN DMT, Nit Grit, JPOD, Halo Refuser, Tiger Fresh, Sugarpill, Nit Grit, iONik, Hedflux, and many more amazing producers. They enjoys the challenges of mixing and blending the creations of seemingly diverse artists and creating harmony between them and the dance floor. Between their seductive sounds and enthralling stage presence, Legion is one you will not want to miss.