Mr. Kent

Mr Kent will always share music with you. Whether it’s an entire set or a new track he found after spending hours of track diving. It’s just what he does. You can see the Boise based DJ’s goosebumps rise when he sees you start to move from his discoveries.

Mr Kent’s passion for music and experiences have led him from years of promoting shows and festivals to now getting more intimate behind the decks and controlling the sound himself. Mr Kent wants to do what any Superman fan would, save you. Help you escape through music. He wants to remember, THIS MOMENT, forever.

With musical influences from all over the world don’t be surprised when you hear a remixed throwback track that you know all the lyrics to. “Familiarity builds comfort, comfort allows to people to let go. I want people to let go, to get weird, to forget anyone is watching them.” Mostly dabbling in house and deep house, every once in a while, even a super hero goes down the rabbit hole to chase the techno villains.

With goals to validate that the Northwest is a hidden gem of talented DJ’s and producers, Mr Kent looks to help people understand why the Boise music scene and our artists are so special. It’s a bird…It’s a plane…Its Mr Kent here to show you something you’ve never heard before.