Vaha’ska (a.k.a NTrouble)


 BIO: Vaha’ska is a Bass[music] Addict, followed by a true love for a “fun,SEXY,happy,LOVee” vibe. ,,,with a sprinkle of naughty …served up shaken,,, and a splash of dirty. Originally born in Seattle, he has lived many places, but has called Portland, OR his home for the last 17 years. Vaha’ska has been a burner for 11 years in a row. Recently, he spent two years living in Amsterdam, where he learned how to DJ, built a studio, and learned Ableton Live.

In the early Burn years, Vaha’ska was more influenced by the Bass Culture styles of music found at Burning Man, such as Glitch Hop, Dub Step, and more recently Trap.  Having spent two years in Amsterdam, his ear turned toward the more international styles of House and Techno. At the moment, Deep House, Bass House, Garage, Jack House, G-House, NuDisco, Indie Dance, G-Tech, and HipHop, heavily influence his ear holes. Every track is served up fresh out of the oven [all very new released music], which is sourced as underground as possible, mostly from Brazil, UK, and West-coast US.  Vaha’ska bring familiarity to his sets with remixed classics and lots of vocals. Typically, there is a ‘story’ to his sets, and can be a roller-coaster ride performance. Vaha’ska plays for fun, and from the heart.


Recent booking include:
2012 Deepurr, HoodRiver BM Decom Party.
2013 What The Festival, open the pool stage
2013 White Owl Social Club
2014 Burn Out, Portland Burning Man Decompression party
2015 &2013 White Out, Black Rock Boutique BM fund raiser
2014 Burning Man sets at- Altitude Lounge, Spank Bank, Lady Sassafras art car