redfxavaRed FX was first introduced to dance music while in the airforce on his tour in the South Korea in 2009. Once he got back to the US he linked up with some of Boise’s most talented djs and producers, and began to work his way up the ladder mixing a unique style of electro and progressive house. After a few year’s he finally found his love and calling for the breakbeat world. Now his sets consist of unique bassline’s, and out of this world sounds that get everyone moving to a genre he likes to call future breaks. Red FX has had the opportunity to play with some very well known artistsHe’s also played next to some very well known artist like Krafty Kutz, Gjones, Minnesota, and MadZack. So Come Early to catch his opening set for main stage, to start your night off right with what ever Tim decides to send are ways for this Crazy night we call Sensory.