squiggsSpurred by sounds that infused the rooms and the air in San Francisco and the playa, Squiggs used his temporary relocation to Portland in 2010 to learn to create and spread the sounds that inspired him.  Craigslist landed him two CDJ 1000’s, a mixer, and a Mackie and the train-wreck sets started to blend together over time.  In just a little over a year, Squiggs was invited to play coveted slots at Opulent Temple and DISTRIKT at Burning Man where he was honored and grateful to play alongside those that ignited his love of electronic music.

A special thanks to those who’s beat, sets, instruction, and/or generosity inspired and helped him along the way : Dutch, Syd, Kramer, Hoj, Kepi, Vinkelman, Billy Casazza, and The Scumfrog. You’ll find their influences and others blended thru-ought his sets : techno, progressive, tech house, and minimal pave the way. Music and dance are beat of his soul – He hopes that they find their way into yours. Dance on.