Drum machines have no soul? Orracle seem to prove that wrong every time he take the stage. This Kid may only have a MPD 24, a Macbook, and a couple cords and cables, but he takes over every time he lays down a mix. Ranging everywhere from Funky disco house to the filth of DnB to the hypnotic vibes of trip hop, but either way to vibe on the dance floor is always the same, even if the music is always different. However, the one thing thats sets him apart from other DJ’s besides his musical diversity, is his energy on the stage. He takes over the Rockstar role whenever he performs. You can catch him banging his head, jumping and bouncing around like a maniac, and he’s even taken off sprinting around the room. The spastic reactions to the music usually seem unwarranted for most DJ’s, but it just looks right when Orracle is raging. He lives by the Motto “Embrace the Chaos”, and you see that in every show he plays.