Pickle Art


Pickle Art AKA Nicholas Burgdorf is a coolly analytically man who does his best to not let the past haunt him. He’s a shark, cutting his way through the mess of his life, and he’s blithely unapologetic about this. Yet Nicholas is harboring a deep secret, one he lets few in on, and it’s a secret that splits him into several different men, depending on whom he’s talking too. Dude also does art.

Live Art
Nicholas has done over a hundred Live Art Shows within the last five years with a number of bands and DJs. Recently after taking a year long sabbatical from galleries and art shows Nicholas is returning to one of his favorite forms of creating artwork – LIVE ART.

The live art setup is easy to set up, break down, and creates no mess or stains to the venue involved. All of the canvases are pre-painted in studio and when presented to the audience only marker work is involved. No spray paint is involved at the show/venue. Setting up an easel/tarp behind or next to the DJ (Reflektion) Nicholas quickly draws in almost a frantic state paralleling the music experience created by the DJ.

Along with all of this is a planned Live Body Art Display with four girls dressed up with exposed backs and shoulders displaying Pickle artwork. The four girls have Nicholas paint on their bodies before the show at his studio.

Pickle Art