Rose City Acro Devils

We are RAD! The Rose-city Acro Devils!

We are a partner acrobatics troupe formed in 2013, based out of Portland Oregon. We specialize in ground and partner acrobatics, but are constantly looking for ways to break the boundaries of traditional circus acrobatics. Chair and table hand balancing. Our own crazy version of person supported trapeze and chinese pole (no rigging or equipment necessary, just our own 11 foot RAD Pole!). SINGING Acrobatics!

We love costumes, characters and doing much more then just being a Stunt squad. We want to tell a story in every movement. We want to be the chameleons of acrobatics, and be at the forefront of the new era of circus performance.

We believe this world is RAD! There are NO limits!

Available for all manners of bookings, public and private, in any location. Ambient and stage performances available with a wide range of fully realized costumes, characters and themes.