psycachePsycache never wanted to be a DJ, but a stoney afternoon with a set of turntables in 2001, changed all that. He immediately went to Everyday Music in on Burnside in Portland, and spent all his grocery money on records. This became a habit.

After being exposed to the sounds of Glitch Hop at Burning Man in 2010, but only hearing House, Electro, Breaks, and Dubstep at the parties in Boise, Psycache decided to switch to a digital platform and start playing out again.

In May of 2011, he began hosting Glitch In the System on K.R.B.X. 89.9FM / 93.5FM – Radio Boise, playing a non-stop, two-hour mix on air every Thursday. This May will be the 4 year anniversary of hosting GiTS.

If you’ve ever seen Psycache on stage, you know that his motivation to DJ comes from wanting to hear really good music to dance to, and dance he does. Non-stop…usually while lip-syncing badly.